AAF EXPORT and then import in PT 10+

I might get some work where I could do most of the track lay and editing in Nuendo but it would eventually have to go into PT. So I’m wondering what you have managed to export - import successfully.

I’m specifically wondering if the following exports - imports cleanly into PT v10+

  • fades
  • handles
  • clip gain
  • volume automation
  • mono/stereo files


If there are issues, what would they consist of?

Hey Lydiot,

I have done semi working AAF’s to to PT10


  • fades>>yes
  • handles>>yes
  • clip gain>>yes
  • volume automation>>no
  • mono/stereo files >>no

Thanks for the input. Turns out I won’t need to do this soon, but I’ll try to find time to test it out myself later next week.

Again, thanks!

…btw - i do that (NU to PT via AAF) from time to time, and there’s one thing that i regularly have trouble with: if i render portions of audio via plugins (mostly RX in that case) in the project, the process does not mirror as new visible audio in the timeline, even if it generates new audio material.
but, once the whole thing beeing exported via AAF, all those new little clips do show up in PT, surrounded by mostly unusable (clicking) crossfades, while it all sounded perfect in NU.
i find that kind of processing without any visual feedback a bit problematic…


Do you mean if you have [Event A] xfade [Event B] xfade [Event C], and do offline processing of “B” you end up with messed up fades between the three?


not exactly.
i mean that if i render a plugin via the audio-menu anywhere within a clip, there will be no visible new audio within that clip after render (i really don’t understand the advantage to have NO visual feedback of such a process… strange concept). that new - invisible! - bit of clip will play without any problem in NU (i guess that some kind of minimal auto-crossfade will be applied). so far so good.
but: once exported via AAF, those previously invisible new bits of clips will appear as they actually are in PT, with visible crossfades. and those (new) crossfades mostly just don’t work.
i worked once on a production where i had to clean a lot of stuff with RX (many hundreds of edits/renders). all perfectly transparent in NU. i spent hours and hours correcting those crossfades in PT after import, 99% of them having been just generating new clicks and glitches.

Ah, I understand now. I just looked at it.

I have always dealt with processing the entire clip, not within the clip, and if I needed a sub-section I always made a new clip out of it before processing. My hunch is that Nuendo uses some sort of x-fade shape that doesn’t translate… maybe that’s obvious…

I suppose the only solution at that point would be to either create new clips as you go along or to consolidate/bounce the regions before export, although then you’d lose the x-fades.

…yep, that’s what i do now.
would still prefer to be able to just use the range-tool, x-key/render, and see the new clip(s) inserted right away.
some processes, like declicking, are working fine over multiple tracks at once (think classical music/symph-orchestra with a bunch of mikes) - creating new clips over those would mean using group-edit, having to switch that on and off, as i don’t use it all the time on all tracks.

so, with that amount of edits, a lot more clicking around…

(and i would LOVE so much to be able to do that multiple-thing across tracks with RX5’s spectral editor - it is one of the GREAT features i miss sooo much from my pyramix-systems and revonator; the other painful thing beeing nuendo’s very… mmm… basic ways of grouping clips. every pmx-user will know what i mean…).