AAF export > Err 8 !!!!

i just tried to export a big (30gb) session via AAF (copy media and export media as reference checked,
select all etc) to PT and got the Message “ERR 8” and “could not complete etc.”.

so the export failed !
i tried it twice with event position on frames and without , same result.
What the hell is ERR 8 and what causes this?
I wanted to avoid OMF because the Project contains a lot interleaved stereo files
which end up as mono files when exporting via omf…
The Project contains also 7 video-files (mjpg A , PAL)

any help appreciated

N4 latest , 8-Core nehalem , 8gb Ram , OS 10.6.8 , Decklink Intensity , Motu ultralite

Not sure, but isn’t the file too big?
What if you export a smaller bit, just as a test!?


i didnt checked “export as one File”…

so filesize shouldnt matter as i export all files seperated as reference.

btw. i had , while renaming the files in the pool ( i suspected the filenames )
a nice crash , which crashed the whole audio folder …
I can restore the project from a backup-drive but that means again few hours unnecessary work
for relinking etc…

but still “Err 8” and can`t complete etc…

even after removing the video-files and renaming…

any help?


what is “ERR 8” ???

Select all audio files in the pool and convert them to bWAV and replace current files then retry your export. I could never get AAF exports to work with any AIF or MP3 files in the pool.

thx , i`ll try that and post results…

even after converting each file to BWave files
still ERR 8 !!!

what is it and why?