AAF export leaves out some audio clips and tracks

Hi, when doing an ADR session, I do the usual recording on lanes, so that the audio clips are stacked. I then, as usual, create tracks from these lanes. All audio clips now appear as different tracks, albeit muted and split if there were overlaps on the original lanes. Next, as usual, I export those tracks to an AAF for the post house to plug into the show’s final mix. Except, not all the clips/tracks are showing up in the AAF. I tried and OMF and AES-31 export as well and am getting the same issue.

I just did an 8 episode show and 3 out of the 8 exports had this problem. They were all using the same project template with absolutely no differences between them.

This worked in previous versions before N10. I’m not sure if there’s a new feature or setting turned on or off that I’m missing? Anybody have this issue?