AAF Export to ProTools guidance

I have an editor who’s after an export in AAF so he can use it in PT. The Export function looks straightforward enough, but I get an dialog window popping up indicating Nuendo must split multichannel tracks split to mono for the AAF. After noodling some googling I understand I need to convert all the audio files to mono in the Pool for PT to be able to receive them.

Question 1 - If I do a conversion in the pool, will this leave me with hundreds of mono files now in Nuendo, or can I still have the project as before, with all the stereo files, but just have this extra mono versions available for my AAF exports. I’m backing up the whole thing first just in case, but I’d rather not find out this is a one way street leaving me with twice as many files as before to now have to manage.

What does everyone else do in this situation typically, esp if you may need to continue working in Nuendo later on with more audio files (do I just forget to ever work in stereo ever again just so I can be compatible with PT)?

Question 2 - If I’m going to need to export these as Audio anyway, how would I go about automatically creating these mono files ready for the eventual AAF export to PT? Having to work in stereo, then convert everything to mono sounds so 1980’s to me, unless I’m missing something here.

Would love to hear suggestions.

Why don’t you use the “convert tracks” function?
No need to convert all these files in the Pool …


I usually make AAFs with ‘Export All to One File’ for PT users because in my experience they don’t know how to relink the imported AAF to the separate media files. Maybe it’s better/easier in newer versions of ProTools, I dunno… but I got tired of getting the phone call “the AAF you sent me is empty” and trying to explain it to them, so I gave up a long time ago and send a single embedded AAF.

This also has the added benefit that it will generate new media files and split the tracks for you on-the-fly, and won’t alter your original project or add extra items into your pool.

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Hi… did you manage to do something working ?
I have a session in Nuendo for a movie.
I have all files you can imagine, mono, stereo, LCR, quadro, 5.0 and 5.1
lot’s of DOP.

Exporting AAF I realise is a bigger problem than I thought.
I tried to export AAF 10min of the movie and came with loooots of problems. fades converted to linear… format problem… multichannel problem
Questions ;
will all be split in mono ? even stereo files ?

What is best way to proceed ? i’m thinking :
Fully duplicate the nuendo session (to avoid big problems)
Make sure all files refer to new copied location
1- convert all DOP *
2 select all surround files (i’m talking >2channels)
and split them in nuendo
3- export AAF with basically mono stereo(?if not split ?) and all the split surround files that hopefully will be labeld LRCLs etc…
4- open protools,
5- import AAF,
6- reconsolidated the surround files there in LCRLsRsLfe

*about the convert DOP in nuendo. if your DOP is set to 5sec handles for process… when you render it in nuendo do you still have the handles available or does this render only apply to the exact actual size of the event?

Ok so I did from 1 to 6 and looks like it’s ok…
I had some errors from nuendo saying :
“4 audio files are incomplete” (what the hell that means ? how to spot wich files why not a report ?)

all files are in mono… but reconstructing them is… manageable.
Happy to find that Protools can fo SMPTE surround !

question :
A file is in 5.1 with LRCLsRs… You can clearly see that the C is louder.
I drop it in a 5.0 track on protools and the channel 3 (in the middle) is louder.
but When I play it the channel 3 goes to 2 ! so C is played in L !
what a nightmare. any idea why ?

There are two reasons for this error:

  1. When mono and stereo (or others) export AAF together. The correct way is to export mono or stereo separately
  2. There are other sound channels on mono or stereo tracks
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Hi thanks for your answer ! helped a lot !
So … i managed to get those files in protools now I only exported one mono file from nuendo.
I realised this file also had 2 stereo files on it (maybe not good aldready)
So i cleaned to make sure only mono content then exported with :
from right to left locator
X copy media
export muted events
consolidate events
handle lenght = 0
export media file ref
X export all to one file

But if I do the same with 5000 Handle then nuendo export files that are 1frame long (in the media folder)
so something going wrong there. I tried other handle settings it’s always creating short files.

On thing sure is if I select “export all in one file” that’s when I get this audio files are incomplete.
These files were FLAC, I tried to convert them to BWF but it’s the same.

So… At least I have something but no handles at all.
ON last thing I tried is to rename the file in nuendo. But nuendo says “can’t rename the file” other files I can rename… I wonder why not this one and if some attribute are creating the problem (?) window doesn’t mark it as “read only” and i can change it’s Description… but not the name.

–Edit I confirm all files that have this problem impored in PT can’t have there name changes in Nuendo

I found it !!!
those are regions that I added a Transpose !
Once transpose is back to 0, I can rename the file and export with settings bellow .
It also aplised to regions that has been changed with manipulation Sizing Applies Time Stretch. So have to “unstsretch audio”

from right to left locator
copy media
export muted events
X consolidate events
handle lenght = X
X export media file ref
export all to one file
works so I have handles