Aaf files from pro tools 12.5 to nuendo 12

Hi, I recently started using nuendo 12 and I don’t know how to write and speak English well, I apologize in advance. I usually work with pro tools. Since it was still a bit difficult for me nuendo, I made a pro tools project where I did everything I needed to do and then exported the project to aaf to use it on nuendo and process it for dolby atmos. The question is, aren’t the Aux (pro tools send track) and plug in channels used on each track included in the aaf files? I ask because when I imported the aax file to nuendo, I didn’t have any plug ins on the tracks and I worried that there was some problem.

As far as I know plugins aren’t included, and I think you only get audio tracks.

That is correct, none of that information is included in an AAF file for any DAW.

Only audio tracks are included in AAF files.
The good thing is, you can replicate those auxes quite easily in Nuendo. You do want to go back into Pro tools, and save the settings of each plugins first, in their OWN native format, not as a “pro tools setting.” Most plugin ins offer this alternative.

Than you can reproduce what you did in Nuendo with the same exact settings. Note the aux send levels and panning…

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i tried to save the plugin presets on pro tools, but it saves them in .tfx format while on nuendo the presets went up in .vstpreset format and it doesn’t accept the .tfx presets

Which brand plug ins are they? I’ll see if I can help you.

fabfilter and waves

For the Waves plugins in Pro Tools, you use their own preset bar, below the Pro Tools preset area. See screenshots. When saving through that system, you will get platform independent preset files, which will open in a waves plugin in any DAW. See screenshots:

The Pro Tools and Waves preset tools:

Also, you can open any Waves plug in manual, and it tells you how to use their preset saving feature.
I cannot speak to the Fabfilter stuff, as I do not own any. But I imagine it is similar.