AAF formats Question

recently i send files to be mixed from Cubendo to protools.
i make an AAF file from cubando to be imported to protools,but all my stereo tracks(interleaved stereo files) are converted to L/R mono files,and also the tempo and time signature is not imported.do i miss something or its the way AAF works ? if im not wrong OMF did maintain stereo tracks/files and tempo maps


When I export a Stereo Audio track to AAF, I get this message in Cubase:

The created AAF file may not be usable for other hosts because:

  • One audio file is multi-channel file.


  • Use the ‘Project > Multi-channel to Mono’ option to convert all multi-channel tracks to multiple mono tracks.

From this message I expect Cubase can handle multi-channel AAF, but other hosts (maybe Pro Tools for example) can’t.

yes i got that message too,guess that’s how AAF/OMF works for compatibility.ill experiment with it