AAF from AVID stereotrack broken


I am referring to a post from the “old” Nuendo-Forum as I have the same problem right now.

I am using Nuendo 5.1.1 under MacOSX 10.6.

Here is what the problem is (referring to an post from July 2010, nfact):

Just importing an AAF from Avid (Media Composer 5) into my fresh installed Nuendo5 “AAF has been completely revised and should be bulletproof” and gues what?

It doesn’t work!

There are 2 tracks in the original seqence where the editor placed a music bed (Stereo - 1st Track L - 2nd Track R). Nuendo imports the AAF with the same physical file on both tracks. That means Nuendo doubles the left file on both tracks. So the resulting AAF s not usable because all the music is now mono.

The AAF imports extremly fine back into Avid or into ProTools.

Are there any news on this as it does still not work??


Hi Martin,
I thought we had fixed that bug already. We probably need to check again with the AAF in question. Could you please get in touch with me directly via private message?

I have reported problems with AAF too. I had problems with stereo interleaved export from Nuendo causing a crash.
Workaround was to convert multichannel>mono>new project>new AAF export. So not very stable…


Perhaps you guys could “splurge” and buy a couple of Avid and Final Cut systems so you could try this stuff…

I have Final Cut and AVID, oh wait, AVID Pro tools it is… :smiley:


Martin has provided details, now we can fix this problem.

I really wish there was some sort of dialog on your testing methods. Personally Nuendo 5 and 6 are out of the question for as long as testing remains the way it is… Sadly I don’t see much in the way of changes…