AAF import Err 801201D1


When importing aan AAF (coming from AVID on MAC-platform) < 2 GB in Nuendo 5.5.2, it opens with succes

But when the AAF > 2GB we always get the following error:

Failed to read AAF tracks
[Err 801201D1]

We run Nuendo 5.5.2 on Windows 7 32 Bit, 4GB RAM, NTFS

I searched this error, and found several things, but all out of date (nuendo3, nuendo4), so I don’t know anymore if the information I find can be trusted.

Therefore following questions:
Is there a limit (max 2GB) on the AAF for import into Nuendo 5.5.2?
Or is this due to NTFS (max filesize 16 TB, but max application size 2GB)

Thanks in advance for more information

ask the people providing the file have aaf edit protocol checked in the avid export window. it gets round the 2gb file limit.


Thanks Max for the reply to my post

The providing people have the ‘aaf edit protocol’ checked. You say this gets round the 2GB file limit, so if I understand it good, there is a 2GB file limit in aaf, and if making one, and checking ‘aaf edit protocol’, you can have aaf’s bigger than 2GB?

But still they won’t be imported in Nuendo, giving the error I mentioned in my post above.

Therefore my question
Is there a limit (max 2GB) on the AAF for import into Nuendo 5.5.2?



Does anyone knows the answer?

Is there a limit (max 2GB) on the AAF for import into Nuendo 5.5.2?

Thanks in advance

out of curiosity have you tried importing the same aaf in n5.1?

It’s probably not much help, but I just successfully imported a large AAF file set (with referenced files as opposed to embedded files) into 5.5.3 from Logic Pro on a Mac.
The only thing that seemed completely screwed up was the panning, and I suspect this is because Logic’s AAF does not support it. In all honesty getting an AAF from Logic wasa nice surprise in the first place as I did not think it did this

Currently I am doing exact the same (Logic Pro9 → N5.5.3) and I had to use Fat32 formated HD to transfer the AAF - so I used the Option to collect the audiofiles in an media-file folder - so you have that AAF file (like a project file or xml) and a folder with the individual audiofiles. That way the size does not matter :slight_smile:

(beside that it worked quite good I have some other problems which I do not know if they are caused by Logic or the AAF import)

I think much attention needs to be paid to Nuendo’s AAF import functionality.

I recently received AAF’s with embedded audio ( ie the project and media are in one file… this is permitted under the AAF standard) and Nuendo crashed trying to import it. I reported it, but no response.

ProTools 9/10 dealt with it flawlessly.

If Nuendo is meant to be a SERIOUS pst tool , then Importing projects from other platforms is whole basis for its existence. If I can’t get it in the App, then I can’t even begin the job and no amount of time stretching, groove warping magic is useful. SB need to launch a total effort to ensure that Nuendo can deal with as many flavors of OMF/AAF/XML imports as possible. This is the first hurdle.

IMO the price premium over other post capable DAWS should buy a significant confidence in basic Input and Output workflow. I don’t have that feeling right now … 'specially for input.


You’re absolutely right!
They are working on it, though (as they have clearly stated on this forum before.)
Until then I will use 5.1 to import which works for me.
It’s a very serious issue for an application trying to target the audio post market.


I hope not hijacking the topic to much - but were can I find info regarding the AAF malefunktions? When messing around with a new workflow usually you believe that “it just is like that” when something works “strange”. Or Logic made a mistake when exporting…

And - in N5.1 there were no bugs?

I cannot say that in 5.1 there were no AAF bugs, but importing from Media Composer 5 works fine and I believe that’s what mose users want if they want to import AAF in audio post. Personally I haven’t got any clues about AAF exchange with Logic.