AAF import/export helpdesk

Dear forum members,

This thread is dedicated to Nuendo users experiencing problems with import or export of AAF files in Nuendo. The AAF function is vital, as almost every audio post production starts there. Considering that in the current Nuendo version importing AAF not always creates the expected results, we have set up a team that focuses on fixing and improving this feature. In addition to the extensive debugging and structured testing currently taking place, real world data analysis is indispensable, due to the nature and complexity of the projects.

Therefore we encourage you to send us AAF files that show errors or incompatibility problems.

If you are able and willing to share problematic AAF files with us, we are happy to look into the respective
issue for in-depth analysis and finding a possible solution. We have set up an FTP server for individual upload
and will keep all material in-house and strictly confidential. If needed, we can sign confidentiality agreements for the material.

Please contact me by email t.marx@steinberg.de.