AAF import & export

Hello Steinberg developers :slight_smile:

Can you please fix the AAF import & export function in cubase ?

I am on OS X 10.15

I can export from Logic Pro X into presonus studio one ver. 4 with no problems
but when I attempt to do the same to and from cubase 11 pro all events is totally out of sync and the import / export is absolutely useless.

Best regards, Ole

If the destination is studio one, you can export track archives from cubase and s1 can import the xml files. (Had never tried it on recent S1 versions, though).

The last imports I did, where without problems… but I did no exports to Logic

Hello Takashi

maybe its a logic x / cubase issue, but I did successfully export from logic to Studio One

And my main issue is exporting cubase <-> logic

So I suspect it’s on the Steinberg side :slight_smile:

these exports from Logic are sensitive sometimes… some more years back I had problems… but Steinberg introduced some improvements in C10 I think… and I had no more problems since then…

Does Cubase import all events in sync on your system? So where do the problems start?

The problem starts with the export to and from cubase / logic X

All events are totally out of sync, and this is the problem :slight_smile:

I will do some more testing with export from logic into studio one - > cubase etc.

And if I get wiser I will post my results here :slight_smile:

Hello folks

I have tested AFF import / export from and to Logic Pro X and my verdict is that Loggic Pro X is NOT pro regarding importing AFF files.

I have now exported form both Cubase 11 pro and Studio one 4.6 and in both cases all events is out of sync, even though it works flawlessly in both Cubase and Studio one.

This looks like an apple issue.

I hope they’ll get it right soon, I need it :slight_smile: