AAF Import of Stereo Interleaved Files: Problem


So back to an old topic here. I’m really surprised and frustrated that it has not been fixed. From N2-N7 it’s still the same.

N7 brings in AAF’s as mono, but is unable to take dual mono tracks and place them onto a stereo track like Pro Tools does. This feature is great because it allows me to clean up the editors horrible music edits quickly and efficiently. In Nuendo I have to use 2 mono tracks, group the Left and the Right ( which takes a long time for TV and Films ) and then correct the music, etc etc etc.

Now, your work around is the convert files command. Ok, but that doesn’t work very well when I have to fix all the music edits first in dual mono with grouped regions. it’s a total waste of time. Also the convert files isn’t working here on edited music in the project window. I’m on N 7.0.35 on OSX 10.9.5. It does work from the Audio Pool though. Useless for edited regions…

I do hope you have some other work around I’m not aware of. Am I missing something here?

Also, can you PLEASE finally fix this in the next patch. It’s been over 10 years and this still doesn’t work right.

Thank you for your time

Greg R.

Fredo made a good point some time ago that the problem (assuming yours is the same as mine was) is that some video editors aren’t consistent in clip and track management. In other words they don’t lay stereo elements in consistently over tracks, meaning sometimes music is on tracks 9/10, and sometimes 10/11. In addition to that their editing can be inconsistent so that Nuendo refuses to properly convert since the edits don’t match.

My solution, or suggestion rather, was for us to be able to tell Nuendo to force conversion regardless of possible errors, although possible by also writing a log of mismatches as they occur. But of course that’s of no help to you now since that doesn’t exist.

So Fredo’s solution was essentially “deal with it” or “get them to do their job properly”. The latter better than the first, but both are annoying of course, especially since editors can be super-hard to work with (although they have their own issues to deal with, to be fair).

The only thing I’d add that could maybe help, is to try to convert a group of tracks at a time, say 8 tracks of stereo content, and then narrow it down as you get errors. So if the 8 don’t convert, select 4. If that doesn’t work then 2. Hopefully by doing it that way you can narrow down which tracks have problems. Then once you know which have a problem you repeat the process but ‘horizontally’, by copying half of the timeline to two new tracks. Try to convert. If it works, then the other half shouldn’t work. If it doesn’t, cut that in half, and so on, until you find the offending events where edits weren’t done properly.

Only other thing I can think of is some sort of logical editor workflow, or possibly macro, which forces standardized edits/fades onto both channels. That’ll effectively undo any good work video editors did of course, but at least you can convert it all in one shot after (assuming it works).

Now, your work around is the convert files command. Ok, but that doesn’t work very well when I have to fix all the music edits first in dual mono with grouped regions. it’s a total waste of time. Also the convert files isn’t working here on edited music in the project window.

“Convert Tracks” keeps the editors edits so you can convert and then repair the edits as a stereo file, I do this all the time. And “Convert Tracks” works perfectly when the editor has done their job correctly but, as Lydiot said, there are times when you just have to do a process of elimination until you find the offending file so you can fix it. Of course you can charge for that time! John

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for the information and workflow on this. I’ll try the convert tracks again and see how it might improve the workflow. As far as editors doing their job with where the music, sfx, etc lives in the AAF’s We have AE’s who organize everything before I get it so that’s not a problem.

I’m still really frustrated they’ve never fixed this. It’s not a problem in PT and It seems like a reasonable patch to me to make happen in Nuendo. They finally added the ’ import session data ', why not this!

I always use “convert tracks” and if and when an import goes funky I request a resend.


“They finally added the ’ import session data '”

Although not nearly as comprehensive as PT.

My work-around: move all music clips to my default dual mono music tracks. Select the first clip and hit a macro that groups L and R. If I hold down the key for the macro all subsequent clips will be grouped one after another with lightning speed. Takes only a few seconds for a regular tv show. Repeat this if you have more music tracks.

All the best,


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I had the same idea, but failed at creating that macro. Would you mind sharing?
I have the problem that navigate right jumps back to the first clip and therefore does a circular selection…

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.38.48.png

Thanks. On my machine Nuendo sometimes selects events on the track below the music tracks…

Well, it screws up if you don’t first make sure that all clips are on the right track. If one of them is on 12/13 instead of 11/12 it messes up. But if I put everything on the right tracks before using the macro, it works like a charm and saves me a lot of time.

STEINBERG HOW IS THIS STILL A THING?!?!?! Let us drag two mono files into a stereo track! PLEASE!

This is such a ridiculous problem, as someone thats recently moved from ProTools to Nuendo I’ve been pulling my hair out over this. Something that took a matter of seconds to do is now taking minutes. Sort this out Steinberg!

I hate to be “that guy” but, we’re past version 7, and we’re past version 8. The current version is 10. The odds that Steinberg would redesign or add features to v7 now is close to zero. And this clearly isn’t a but, it’s a design choice.

If I were you I’d just pony up and get v10 if it does what you want.

Upgrade to N10, and you’ll have all those options.


I am on N10. What do I do to make my dual mono music tracks grouped or interleaved? Sorry, but I can’t seem to find any info on it.


Hi Fredo,

Could you point me in the right direction? I have N10, but don’t know where to look for all those options. Thanks in advance.


Usually, pan L and R the 2 dual Mono , then Link them , so I can nearly work as they were in stereo. Only automation can be tricky

Project menu>convert tracks.

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“convert track” needs to be fixed. something like “brute force” convert.
or if it is so hard for steinberg to code that, create markers on events that are a problem.
that way we wont loose time for manual search.
“event lenght not equal” or “fade lenght not equal” are most common errors.
so logic is that Nuendo “knows” where the issue is, so add the option to create marker track or something to let us fix that issue…
this is one of few issues that needs to be fixed for “profesional” produckt, and a reason why i have to pay for extra “pro fools” subscription…
another reason is im tired of being “that guy” that always has some issues importing data. i know that video editor has to do the job right, but if anyone of you works for broadcas industrie (reality shows, documentaries, etc) , you know that our time for mix is limited ( one day mix, hurry its urgent, just get it done…)
nundo is a beast of a produckt, i recomend it to everyone, but please steinberg fix these little issues.