AAF import takes sooooo long

I have just purchased Nuendo, and I am trying an AAF import of a film project. The first observation is that even though the AAF project was originated on my computer, Nuendo wants to “resolve missing files” even though it is displaying the exact path (without the leading / ). You would have thought this would be easy, but it it’s not as it wants to resolve each subfolder separately. Not only that, I am importing a project that is mostly MXF files and it seems that the way Nuendo is determining file matches is single threaded (74% of one CPU), so each days filming for example (separate sub folder per day) takes ages, then you need to select the next folder to try.

I can’t believe it is this tiresome and difficult so can only conclude that I must be doing something wrong, at least, I hope that is the case. Any suggestions?

Sorry to hear that. Could it be an MXF related problem?

If I search the location sound folder for example, the daily subfolders are taken care of.

I’m sure someone more expert will be able to advise you shortly.

I think it may be partly MXF problem coupled with what I was doing to relink the files. I have been clicking on search instead of Folder. When I clicked folder, it dealt with all the subfolders! It’s been one of those days!

I’m glad you got it sorted. I’ve had weird behaviour when importing AAFs, and then all of a sudden it works perfectly well.