AAF import?

Looks like a cool update! I’m looking forward to it.

My main concern: can we expect to be able to import an AAF?

Hmmm, lots of replies on other topics, but this question is answered with a deafening silence…

Too boring? Too tricky maybe?

I still would like to find out about AAF compatibility though. Maybe someone in the know could chime in…


AAF is already supported, but I assume you are referring to an improved import. We have made some improvements on that side, but it is a continous work. There will be many improvements coming
during the Nuendo 6 lifecycle.


Hi Timo,

Thanks for your answer.

Well, yes, I meant improved, so we can actually import an AAF. Supported yet non-functional is not good enough for most of us. AAF import in 5.1 works flawlessly, so why not port it over to version 6? I’m sure that would make a lot of post folks happy, including me :wink:


As Martijn pointed out: No problems in 5.1x / completely unusable in 5.5x.

All of the studios I work in have reverted to 5.1 or not even bothered upgrading to 5.5 because of this ONE reason.

So the question really is: Will it finally work again or will we still need to import AAF in 5.1 and track export to 6?

This has been a complete show stopper and it really needs sorting out.


Just copy/replace the (and make a backup of your old) AAFFilter component folder from Nuendo 5.1 into the one from Nuendo 5.5.


Yeah, I’ve tried that, but it does not work.
A fix was promised for last christmas…


Don’t you think that is Steinberg’s job?


I use AAF every day in 5.5, haven’t had a single problem, what are you struggling with? :ugeek:

Depends on which machine the AAF was made.
N5.5 has problems with MC5.04 and older.
MC5.5 and newer is OK.

But the problems need to get solved of course …


Thanks for chiming in Fredo. It seems that none of my customers has upgraded to MC 5.5+.
Will this be solved before N6 is released?


Hello Fredo!

Could you specify, what you mean exactly with ON WHICH MACHINE THE AAF WAS MADE?
I have real trouble at a TV station with the AAF import.
Maybe I´ll have to install version 5.1 for AAF import. Would this help?

Thanks for your answer.


And where is this old folder located? I see the 5.5 one.

Yes exactly! That is a huge issue. Media Composer was a quite stable and good release, and many have stayed there.
MC 5.5, and 6 and 6.5 are paid upgrades.



Or can someone just email me the folder?

Windows or OSX?

Win 7 x64.

Sorry, doesn’t have Windows version here.

I can email it to you, PM me your email address.