AAF importing issues

Just had Nuendo 8 make a mess of an AAF import (from premiere) that Nuendo 7 handled fine. All the regions were in the right place but the audio within those regions wasn’t right. I remember having similar issues in earlier versions of Nuendo 7 so it seems we have taken a step back with version 8?


As far as I know, there are no changes in AAF between Nuendo 7 and Nuendo 8.


Unless there is a new hidden setting in Nuendo 8 that causes it to import the AAF wrong then something is different. I have tried importing the AAF in a number of ways (into a template as I normally do or creating a new project) and using different settings. Nuendo 7 does it just fine but Nuendo 8 gets it wrong (audio offset within the regions) every time. This is just one particular AAF, I have had others that import fine but its only my first day using it…


Hi Dave,

thanks for the report. We’ll look into it.



I’ve had exactly the same problem with AAF’s from Premiere to Nuendo 8. When the editor exported an OMF of the exact same project in Premiere (11.1.1) there was no problem with region offset. Also AAF’s from an Avid set had no problems with regions offset.

When I tried to reproduce the same issue in Nuendo 7, the AAF and OMF were the same (no offset in the regions).

Please look into it, since 85% of the materials delivered to me for mixing are AAF’s.


Gooi en Vecht Studio

Can you do one more test please?

I.e. Importing an AAF which worked fine in N7, into Nuendo 8.
That way, you are 100% sure that the problem lies within Nuendo.
And if possible, if the AAF is manageble (small enough), submit it to the developers.


Hi Fredo,

I tried it again, and same result… N7 no problem, N8 region offset. And in both N7 and 8 the OMF was fine.

You can download the OMF and AAF of the same edit here for testing:

AAF: http://client.gvstudio.nl/_UVCYhYsV9UI95R
OMF: http://client.gvstudio.nl/_gtCZxZRJ1Us9oR

Let me know if you have the same result!



Confirmed here on my system. In n7 both imports match, in n8 they are different (offsets within files)

So we have:

iZotope RX6 not working
AAF broken
No HD video from Intensity Pro
At the moment no DNxND

I’d say it’s a solid release :laughing:


I installed the latest update of N8 (8.0.15) but the same issues remain.

Is any one else still having the clip offsets with AAFs from Premiere?



I will second that. Same problem with AAF, no problem with OMF. in Nuendo 8


same here, have a big issue using Nuendo 8 and trying to import an AAF: all events seems to be on the right place, but the audio within the event is offset. It seems that the event shows the beginning of the recorded audio, as i hear a lot of “scene 3 take 1” and ready-to-shoot talk. The AAF comes from premiere, 11.1.0 and also tried then with the newest, 11.1.2., same problem.
I haven’t look to every events, but it seems to me that this problem comes especially with audio recorded from sound devices. i was on set an recorded mostly with an sound devices recorder, but for some special cases or atmos i used a little tascam recorder. for production purposes, i processed most of the tascam recordings before i gave it to the editor, so it went through nuendo before. with this audio, it seems that there is no problem, it shows up where it is ment to be.
open the AAF in Nuendo 7, no problems, even the fades are there (they didn’t show up in N8), the automations are there, everything is just fine.

i have read a lot about bugs in N8 but didn’t had any till yet. worked with OMFs the passt weeks, everything went very smooth, the new video engine too, so i’m very happy with it, but if i can’t open AAF its not really usable as is, without N7…

Steinberg, if you are interested in the project, let me know, it’s a german student short film (sounds harder than it is :wink: ), so it is not so much data to transfer.

hope things get better soon.



See this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=275&t=119273


This just happened to me. Received an AAF from Premiere and had the exact same problem when importing into N8. All the regions are in the correct TC position, however the content is offset. They all start at the beginning of the audio file instead of the selected/edited section.

Figured I’d try in Pro Tools just to rule out software issues (I was assuming the problem was the AAF itself because… who would expect AAF importing to be broken on a DAW designed for that and much more… ) Turns out it imported correctly in PT, so I went back to N7 just to be extra sure. Worked perfectly in N7.

+1 to the comment about Nuendo 8 being a solid release…

Did they fix this in Nuendo 10 or do I need to revert to N7? I’m experiencing the same problems with AAF import as described here. Clips are in the right place but content offset completely wrong. Works fine in Pro Tools.