AAF levels

I’ve just finished a 7 part TV dub which all went well, but I did have one tiny, but not insurmountable problem. This was a light entertainment show with a large audience and the editor had very helpfully laid up the clean stage mix group over certain sections as there were a couple of points where the enthusiastic audience got the better of the mix. As It was a close call, he left my mix intact (I mixed the original show) but he reduced the level of these backup options to zero. On importing, these tracks did exactly that. They were there but flat-line quiet. if I clicked on the to open up the Sample Editor the audio was there, and I could copy and paste it back on to the time line.

I presume there’s an easier way to access the audio on these files on the timeline.

One other thing I had a few odd pops on the audio as I worked, which were never in the same place if I wound back, and also never ended up on the mix down WAVs (done at faster than real time, by the way). I had separate external audio and video drives. Mainly one or two stereo tracks and four monos, whose tracks I had converted to stereo, but sometimes more. The problem didn’t seem worse with a higher track count though.

System info is below.


Regarding the tracks the editor reduced to zero: whenever I see that from an editor the clip level has been reduced to its lowest level. If that’s the case you can just raise the clip level in the info line. As for the pops, can’t help you. I get odd pops that I can’t always get to repeat when I open an AAF too. Never affects the mix, I just chalk it up as a Nuendo feature. John.

Indeed, Nuendo imports deactivated audio clips in an AAF with the clip volume turned right down. All you have to do is to turn it up again!

Aarrgh. So simple. When I read the reply about turning it up I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know how to do it. I have just re-opened the project and sure enough it’s all there to be faded back up right there on the timeline. Bizarrely I’d just never used that gain bar on an event. I’ve only ever used the Process-Gain, or fader automation.
All part of that learning process.
Thanks, Rob.

No worries. First thing I do when I receive an AAF is select all the audio, type “0” in the volume section of the info line and then, holding down ‘command’ hit ‘enter’. All audio clips in the AAF are now at ‘0’. john.