AAF/OMF Folder localisation question

So, most of the time i get a AAF with media files as reference and that’s perfect.

But I wonder I have to (each time) locate the folder with “folder” button, because most of the time Nuendo finds half of the file on it own, then ask for the location of the missing files … But all those files are in the same folder ! That’s weird !

Why would Nuendo “see” some files and no other ones in the same folder, while searching by itself ? And when the folder that contains those files is pointed, Nunedo finds everything ? Why would nuendo can’t find all files at the same time ?

Anyone has the same issue ?

Thanx !

Yes. Its that way here too. I can not explain it. A bit of a nuisance…

Yeah I’ve asked the same question before as well.
It finds a few files on its own but then needs to be shown the folder it already found the exact filenames in? Makes no sense.

It’s more annoying than anything, particularly on Windows with the stupid directory selection dialog which you have to constantly scroll to reveal things under every folder you expand (because it inexplicably aligns it to the VERY BOTTOM of the window every time!)

Likewise, it’s happened on my end, and more than on a few occasions.