AAF origin Q;

The editors using Premier ( latest version…10.xx )
Timeline should start @ 0:58:30;00 for the tones and other header info. Pro Tools imports that correctly. However, as I work in Nuendo the absolute time for the AAF sequence is 0:58:26;15. So it is incorrect.
Yes, I am aware of that and move it into place.

I’d like to know if this is a known Adobe ><Nuendo thing, or the edit guys export template is messed up ?
As said in PT ( same AAF seq ) it does end up in the correct location.
It seems to me an issue with DF vs NDF timecodes, I remember having that before…3 seconds and 18 (??) frames.

I’d like to hear your input on this …

Hmmm… sounds odd. I typically don’t have problems as long as I have the frame rate and sample rate right before I start the import in Nuendo. In PT I always open the AAF by double clicking rather than using “import session data” since it then automatically grabs the correct values from the AAF.

If it’s small enough I can try to open it here to see if it’s correct on my end…

I appreciate the offer Mattias, the smallest one of this series is over 5GB. I’ve asked one of the editors to send me a small mock up type AAF.

Cool. I’ll take a look at it when you have it.

Yes, timecode would have been the first thing I would have checked. Suggestion. Have you tried a couple of imports with randomly choosing a timecode setting in Nuendo to see if it was picking up the timecode reference in Nuendo and in what way?

I know in prior versions of Premiere Pro that Adobe really mucked up metadata entries and even skipped having basic ones in place. I had a few apps that couldn’t cope with Premiere’s approach to metadata. This was a while back but Adobe’s implementation was very far off the mark.

It just won’t happen. I was told everyone is using PT, so should I . :astonished:
That gig is almost done anyway…many thanx man.
I am so used to import at cursor location anyway…