AAF Please!

I make filmmusic and every now and then I get an AAF. The clients just take for granted I can open it and everytime I have to ask them to deliver it in some other way. Its embarrassing and very inconvenient. It feels like I am working non profesional DAW. Why do not Steinberg incorporate that function in Cubase? Do I have to go buy Nuendo just to for these occasion?

Aloha t,

Steinberg probably will not do as you ask because of what you posted.
‘Every now and then’ is probably not enough incentive.

Do I have to go buy Nuendo just to for these occasion?

IMHO yes.


Thanks for your reply curteye!

Ok then!
AAF is a standard in the industry. I need everyday in my work.
I am very disapointed that such an obvious feature is not included in Cubase and I am moving to Protools.

:imp: :imp:

maybe now…

Nuendo has AAF support afaik (both import and export).

Why is AAF an obvious feature for Cubase? It’s mainly used for video post production, authoring and such so it’s not that strange that only Nuendo has the ability to import & export them. Imho, ofcourse.

Or as a professional you could get and use both. (or all three w/ Nuendo)
Just pass the additional costs on to your clients.

Also now might be a good time. The new pTools looks (on paper) very nice.

Thanks for the replies!
I understand it has to do with differing Cubase from Nuendo, making it less usable in this case.
I was thinking that Steinberg market Cubase as a great tool for making film music and has got a lot of great features for that which I love. And it has got OMF. So why not AAF, which is more advanced and more reliable than OMF. And more and more used these days.
Just trying to let them know Its something I need in my work composing film music. And a small, small hope they will integrate it someday :slight_smile: Cant imagine it is just me?
And it feels a bit tedious to buy Nuendo do just to convert files from AAF and then move the project to cubase.

I’d like to see some bolt-on extras which can be purchased, like the MP3 encoder. AAF, yep, £50 please, no probs, activate the licence, on you go.


That is a great idea!

If you’re doing movies regularly why are you not using the industry standard Protools already? Then you’d have no problem supplying your regular Protools using majority that apparently commissions your work.

I see you are moving to Protools. Good move. Best of both worlds.

Oh, that was mostly meant as a joke after curteye said steinberg wouldnt take notice on my first modest vow. I love to work in cubase and have done it for so many years. Using other DAWs is always so slow and frustrating. So I would rather use Nuendo then. But you never know. Might be worth spending time getting up the workflow.