AAF revisited

I searched the old forum, but didn’t find a solution to the problem where AAF imports blank tracks but works fine elsewhere. Was this resolved somehow? I had an AAF file from Pro Tools, everything loaded but the tracks. I ended up having them send me another AAF file and that one worked. Was the original AAF file corrupt or is the problem in Nuendo?

My experience with AAF and N5 is limited to transfers coming over from AVID media composer…

That being said. I have experienced the blank region issue. The same AAF that is broken on my side, reimports back into AVID with out a problem. They don’t have a protools rig there, but I’d guess it would work there too. The way we solved it on the show I’m working on was to send AAF along with reference media folder of consolidated MXF or AIFF audio. So far this has worked with out a problem.

I think it is on the AVID side and it has to do with XDcam footage not being linked correctly in their edit. This is a half way educated guess, but all missing files on our project have been from XDcam source tapes. The consolidated export bypass’s whatever the linking protocols are and exports exactly what we need.

Try that

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot if it should happen again.