AAF support still not available !

Hi all

Can someone please tell me how the AAF support is still not available in Cubase 8 ?!
I was waiting cubase 8 mainly for a AAF support … Im really not happy from steinberg :imp: :imp: :imp: .

  • If they want us to use Nuendo, why do they not have a cross-grade - cubase-nuendo ?

solution anyone ?? Im looking on buying Logic or PT only for that option, Im not a video guy, but mixing some TV adds here and there and since Media Composer is not exporting OMF anymore its a pain ,

Please tell me if you do have a solution and tell me why the other PRO DAW are accepting AAF ?

thanks for your help


What I do is download the nuendo trial (400 hours) to the elicencer and literally use it for opening AAFs. Once they are loaded I save, then load them in cubase. So that 400 hours is going to last me ages!

(Note: coz .npr and .cpr files are interchangeable)

I also downloaded the new 400 hours for nuendo 6.5 which I am keeping untill my nuendo 6 trialw 400 run out. (will last me years since loading an .aaf and saving and quitting takes a couple miniutes)

That’s a great idea,

I too think AAF is a necessity … Especially if they’re badging Cubase ‘Pro’.

If it’s a licensing issue why not sell the AAF component as a separate add-on like they did with MP3 ( lol) ? In Nuendo it shows up as a Program Plugin…

Relying on OMF is stupid. No other word for it.

I agree. If it’s Pro it should have AAF. That’s what a Pro needs to share projects easily. :slight_smile:

Thank you “charliewonder7” for that tip ! that will save me hours !


+2 - Great idea charliewonder7, thanks.

I’m going to do this this afternoon! I shouldn’t have to buy Nuendo with that price tag just for AAF support! I really hoped they’d integrate it into C8 pro at which point I would have upgraded.

Honest, curious question - I use AAF all the time in post, but I also need the other post features as well, so I wouldn’t consider Cubase for the job but rather Nuendo / PT HD / Pyramix. Is AAF used widely outside post now?

I compose to picture and had been happy in my Cubase bubble and never considered Nuendo until I landed my first episodic TV drama and found myself stressed burning alot of time with a clunky workflow interfacing with the editors and the sound post studio.

Following that experience, I’ve been asking myself what the best way forwards. I like writing in cubase so Nuendo + NEK may be the logical solution, but at the same time, PT is everywhere so may need that too… this could get expensive lol!


  • 1 !!!

I do exactly same thing :slight_smile:

I’ve been asking for this for years. They just don’t listen.

.Omf is past… Please give us .aaf… A lot of are not just making music, we write music for TV. And everyone exchanges files using .aaf.

Or Steinberg, if you’re gonna stick us with omf, at least give us the right-click context to reinterleave two mono files to stereo files when I import music from an ancient .omf like Nuendo has—not the mixdown feature Cubase has.

Maybe Steinberg should consider selling some Nuendo features to Cubase Pro users? I really don’t want to pay extra 1800 $ to Nuendo only for AAF import. But I would buy “AAF import” feature from Steinberg. Just an idea…

There’s no “Pro” branded DAW that does not incorporate AAF import/export.
Come on Steinberg…

Claiming “Supports all common audio formats and standards” is false.
No one wants to use OMF anymore, and some NLEs stopped having it.

Cubase supports 5.1 surround, not having AAF support is simply inexplicable.

AAF is an open format - no one pays any licences.
Why not including it?


I really could use this
I design certain sounds for post production, that then continues on nuendo or pro tools… elsewhere
I really thought that pro tools guys were the closed ones… and we were the ones wanting to work with everyone we want…it seems very odd and annoying because its not a difficult thing to add… more now that nuendo 8 has all those features that were first in cubase.
I truly think cubase shouldn’t have nothing to envy Nuendo because its a different tool…, we don’t need to have the adr functions but… really its just to make it easier connect and collaborate to the rest of the peers no matter who anyone wants to give money to…
I just downloaded my 9 Pro Update.
I also think it could be very nice to be able to buy some nuendo features…