AAF to pro tools is going well.

Like many of you, I’m much faster in Nuendo than PT… But I have to work in PT sometimes to pay the rent… The improved AAF stuff is great. Cross fade shapes and automation seem to be porting over very well.

I’m making sure that none of my clips are over +12, but I did run into one thing that I don’t see documented anywhere… There may be steps I’m missing and if you know what they are I’d love to hear 'em.

Exporting to a self contained embedded AAF does not maintain the clip names when opened in protools.

Session start times are off by a couple frames so far each time I’ve done it.

Exporting a reference AAF along with media folder, You must be sure to convert all the files in your Nuendo session to the target format of your protools session. I’m always working in Bwav in both. But often I get OMF’s from editors that are Aiff and those files will remain in the project through the final mix because Nuendo isn’t a big baby about it like PT. Be sure to go to the pool and covert all… it’s not undoable. Then make your AAF.

I didn’t try the new 5.5 AAF until now.

What about offline processes? Do you still first have to apply these manually before exporting AAF?

The biggest issue in AAF, which finally made it useless for a PT-transfer was the missing support of at least the two main different fade-types (constant power, constant volume). You definitely need both of them in every sound editing, and since AAF is converting every crossfade to a linear one, you cannot use it for giving your edit session to a PT.

And for me it is also a show stopper if you miss the region names. This makes the further editing (or mixing) in PT very uncomfortable.

So I still stick to pro-convert at the moment, although the missing upgrades since 2008(!) are a shame, especially when considering the price of that SSL tool. I have to transport the N5-session to N3 (which also is a pain due to steinbergs missing downward compatibilty service), then create a xml, and then convert this via pro-convert to ptf. But with this procedure I have an exact transport of volume-datas, of fades, and also of the clip-names!

I have not tried it with offline processes yet

Clip names are maintained when you choose to do a reference aaf with media folder.

equal power fades are maintained now ! that was a show stopper for me too.

I brought a finished dialog edit over from n5.5 to Pt9 this morning… no issues.

equal power fades are maintained now !

WOW! That are really great news. And a big step in beeing more compatible to PT!

In last months I also had several problems with some AAFs coming from MediaComposer. They just did not open in Nuendo. I will also check those files in N5.5 and give a report…

The only rock solid aaf ingest for me was Reference AAF with media folder. Embedded was giving me all sorts of issues. I think a lot of that is a combo of avid issue and the fact that video editors are touching it.

I swear, sometimes I wish I never got started on Nuendo… Then I could work all day in Pro Tools and have no idea how slow and clunky and finicky it actually is… I feel like I have a 2 ton anchor chained around my mind. I wish I could just be another one of the digi zombies that thinks I’m on the baddest system in town becuase I spent 80k on a controller lol… So many weird hardware things… no wonder all the PT operators feel like geniuses when they get it to work lol


I work with two guys who use Protools and they always send me WAV files because I work in Nuendo.

When you convert a Protools session to Nuendo, how much of the automation and plugins, etc. do you get?

No plug-ins, some automation.