AAF Video Link In Nuendo


I am interested to know whether Nuendo 12 is able to open a video created from Avid MC as an AAF link. I have already established that the AAF link opens fine regarding audio information but it seems this is not the case for video.

The reason this would be very handy to me is because I have all the mxf data from the project as well as the Media Composer project but at the same time I need to mix in Nuendo after inserting all audio ISO’s via the Field Recorder option. Being able to open the AAF video content would mean that I don’t need to create a video guide since I will be mixing on the same machine.

I seem to recall this is a restriction with the AAF format and DAWs, not restricted to only Nuendo. I always receive dedicated reference videos as QTs or DNxHD, separately.

Yes, you are right. The only reason I was interested is because I will be mixing on the same machine the actual timeline was created so it would be nice not having to create a reference video for myself! Oh well…