Aarrrgghhh! Please change the timeline ruler issues ASAP.

I don’t complain much but…

+1 on this

Best Regards


I had already mentionned !!

+1000 !!!

I found that adding a ruler track just beneath, makes life a lot easier. Until they refine the work they started :slight_smile:

This loop function is anoing and useles. At least give us possibility to turn it off. Also moving left and right
locator is now worse as before when you use ctrl or alt + click to ruler. Unpossible to move locator to cursor location.

Exactly same here, and I’ve been using 8.5 from the day it was released.

Driving me nuts too.

Just wanted to say that I’ve been hardly working on a scoring project for two days to this moment and I just can’t express how angry I get sometimes because of the new ruler behaviour. I accidentally switch the looping on all the time. Steinberg please at least provide the option to switch it off!

For Shure!

Yes +10000

+1 to adding a Ruler track as a workaround.

Just the ability to increase the vertical width of the timeline ruler would be great. It is just to small now for what it does. And yeah, I could care less about having ‘repeat’ ever for what I do personally. It needs a way to shut it off completely.