AAS strum no-brainer

hi all. i have no need for this, but i reckon some of you will find it interesting. at this price, i would buy it except i spent all my dosh on amplitube 3 amps!



I bought this yesterday.

I am always looking to extend my range of ‘guitar’ sounds and styles (I play keyboards). Yes, I know, hire a guitarist, but sometimes that’s just not an option. I played briefly with ‘Strum’ very late last night, first impressions are that it is quite impressive. Spanning some of the gaps between Music Lab’s Real Strat, Virtual Guitarist, Slayer etc.

This morning, I played it into into VST Amp Rack - Wow!

At this price, it’s ridiculously good value.


Almost want to get this but as a guitar player I never could live with using this. Anyway like the no brainers being back