abbey road chambers poof crash on mac

anyone else having this?

macpro trashcan, nuendo 7.1.40, newest waves10 (fresh reinstall), Os 10.13.6.

in Cubase 9.5 pro works fine. Nuendo crashes (poof - gone) as soon as you load chambers. won’t open a project that already has it (beach ball).

no cracks on machine ever. all pretty new. waves so far has just said reinstall waves.

did that, made no difference.

very much want to mix in nuendo (better automation) and love chambers…

thanks smart people.



Did you get this resolved yet?

I have a PC, but have also had numerous issues with Waves plugins crashing Nuendo 7. They either crash while Nuendo is loading, or crash when I open the plugin. Very frustrating and some missed deadlines…

Installing an earlier (legacy) version of Waves – I think it was 9.6 – resolved most of the instances of crashing when opening the plugin, but several still didn’t work. I then switched hooking a monitor up via USB cable, and hooked it up via an HDMI cable. That solved the rest of the issues.

For a few months anyway – then I thought it would be cool to demo a couple of their plugins thinking everything was working again. Unfortunately, the demo process “upgraded” to a new version of Waves and then Nuendo would crash when opening the DAW. I had to completely remove all Waves from my system to stop the crashes. So, moral of that story is once you get Waves working again, don’t install or demo anything new. Stay with the Waves version that works.

Hope this helps. Their customer service can be very rude and unhelpful, at least in my case they were. They were telling me to try to reinstall my OS, and blamed Intel for the problem, saying the graphics card was the problem (which left Intel service scratching their heads). Steinberg customer service couldn’t figure it out either.

Some of Waves plugins like the Abbey Road are really good, but I wish I would have invested that money elsewhere now. While they tend to work on a lot of systems, obviously they don’t seem fully compatible with Nuendo.