Abbey Road plugins don't load


I just installed Wavelab 8 and when starting up, the program gets stuck on all of my Abbey Road plugins and the Altiverb plugin. There is an option to wait while Wavelab tries to scan the plugins but they won’t scan in.

32 or 64 bit?
The wait dialog happens when the plugin takes long to load. For instance, there is a license screen to confirm. Could it be the case?

Hi PG,

This happens with the 32 bit version of Wavelab 8. It’s a dialog that offers an option to “Wait” or “Skip”. I uploaded a screen capture. There is no option to address the license. I’ve clicked “Wait” and the plugins never pass inspection.

I guess these plugin load correctly in other softwares (today)? (what about WaveLab 7?).

You could try the following.
Edit the file: AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8\Startup.ini
and add the line PlugScan=1

If it does not work, revert to PlugScan=0


Hi PG,

Thanks for trying to help with this. Yes, these plugins work with Wavelab 7. They are the current versions.

Adding “PlugScan=1” to the file causes the startup to crash. Adding “PlugScan=0” makes the plugins to be rejected still.

Do the plug-ins mentioned require an iLok? I’m having problems with Slate Digital and Antares plug-ins that use an iLok. See previous post.

Same here , having problem with Slate trigger and withUBK-1 on the 32bit version. working fine in WL7

Yes, the Altiverb plugin and the Abbey Road plugins use the ilok.

I can confirm that Abbey Road plug ins (which are all 32 bit) all fail to load in 32-bit WL8 on my two Mac 10.8.3 systems. The behaviour is as described above - and all works fine in WL7 on the same machines.

The other plug ins also exhibiting this behaviour on my system are URS (I have Fulltec and a couple of others that I have decided to discontinue now that I have Portico EQ).

Just to say - Altiverb 7 is ok here, perhaps it depends on the version.

My non-working Abbey Road plugs are the latest versions here, although they have not been updated so recently in many cases.

I also couldn’t get my Abbey Road plugins to work in WL8.

Also, Drumagog, SPL Transient Designer (not the UAD version) and Antares Auto-Tune (can’t remember what specific one but I own 7, I think it was the Evo version) did not want to load, I told it to wait for several cycles before giving up. Soundtoys Decapitator still has graphic issues meaning the plugin is just white when I open it.

Luckily these are all plugins I wouldn’t really use in Wavelab but I’ll check it out more when I have time.


Auto-Tune 7 loads but then Wavelab 8 tells me that no iLok authorized iLok is found even though it’s inserted, and then WL8 crashes when I remove the plugin from the master section.

Similar problem here : WL8 gets stuck loading UAD Powered Plug-Ins. Selecting “wait” nor “skip” does not help.
Not been able to open the program yet.
Worked fine in WL7.


Mine don’t load either, or anything I have on my iLok.

I’ve managed to get WL8 64bit working, but since not all my plugins are yet 64bit, there is only a small set of plugins loaded.

All my Waves, UAD and Steinberg (x64) plugins load ok.

Still can’t get WL8 32bit to load!!



Hi PG,

I know that you are probably very busy, but is there any information about Abbey Road plugins and Wavelab 8?

I’m currently checking various things on the subject, but currently I have not found something.
Just by chance, try the advise there:

Hi PG,

I followed the instructions to try this possible solution. It didn’t work. The plugins still won’t load. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Hi PG,

I’ve installed the latest WL patch 8.0.1 and followed the usggestion as I have an iLOK 2 running under windows 7 and still wont load.

Goping back to WL7 loads them all perfectly!



We have found the reason of the problem. Something related to “data execution prevention” that iLok does not currently accept. WaveLab 8.0.2 will have a solution and you will be able to use your iLok plugins.

Is there a timeframe for 8.02?


About one month from now.