Abbr. instr. names as default


Quite often, I’d like to use full instrument names only in the first flow of a project. In subsequent flows, I often prefere to use the abbreviated names, also on the first page of these flows. (This is especially true, of course, if the subsequent flows are really things like the Coda of the first etc.)

Is there a quick way to ensure this?


I think the easiest solution is this:

Go to Layout Options > Staves and Systems. Set the first option at the top of the page (Staff labels on first system) to Abbreviated.
Go into Engrave mode, select the first note of your first flow and type Shift+S to create a System Break.
Select that System Break.
In the bottom properties panel flick the Staff Labels switch and set it to Full from the dropdown.

Ah, that way round. Good thinking, thanks a lot!

Well if you’ve only got two flows to worry about (the main one and the coda) then it really doesn’t matter which way round you do it - either by setting the Layout Option to “abbreviated” and overriding a System Break to “full” or setting the Layout Option to “full” and overriding the System Break to “abbreviated”.
If you have many flows then the fewer overrides the better.