Abbreviated Instrument Names in Score Except...

I have one stave in the middle of a score that for some reason decided to use the full instrument names in the l h margin. How do I get rid of the full names?

Hello Richard,

Have you tried editing the instrument names in the “Setup”? If not try the following:

  • First click on the “Setup” tab near the top.
  • In the left-hand panel “Players” list, go to the instrument/player you wish to edit the names and click on the reveal arrow-head (>).
  • Move your mouse cursor over the instrument that now shows underneath in a small box and this will show another reveal arrow-head.
  • Click on this second reveal arrow-head and from the list select “Edit Names”.

You should now have a window of all the full and abbreviated names for that instrument and you can edit these as you want.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Thank you MichaelB, that worked to fix the spot in question, but unfortunately the first system also has abbreviated names instead of full.

Richard, is there a system break at the start of the system in question? And if so, did you accidentally activate the Staff Labels property for this system break? This would explain everything…

There was a system break there, but I wouldn’t know if I accidentally did something to set that off. I deleted the break and the problem went away. Still I find that an odd thing to have happened.