Abbreviated instrument names on flow 2?

Is it possible to have abbreviated staff names on 2nd, 3rd, etc… flows?
in other words, ONLY have full names on the first page of the 1st flow?

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I don’t think so, but I like this! Like for a string quartet, full names on the first system in flow 1, no names on subsequent systems, then an abbreviated name on the first system of flow 2? This seems like it would be a useful feature!

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I’m trying to avoid using one single massive flow for this nominally one-movement work.
It lasts 30 minutes, and it’s sort of divided into 4 sections.
For playback reasons, I already have to have the 3rd and 4th sections as a single flow (it’s played without pause.)

So having a tiny bit more flexibility with staff names at the beginning of flows would be a nice addition.

hint, hint.

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Do you realize you can set the pause between flows to zero in Playback?

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I know, but there’s a tam-tam hit in the last measure of one section that overflows into the next one. this can’t be done with different flows.

there’re also held notes between sections.

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You can create system breaks at the beginning of the second and subsequent flows and set the property Staff labels to Abbreviated in engrave mode.


oh! thank -you.
I’ll look into that,

Hmmm, I tried, but all I’m seeing as options is staff visibility.
Nothing about staff labels.

NEVER MIND! I finally found it.

I needed to be in Engrave Mode, then the bottom zone had to be open, and it was an option there.

Thank-you, problem fixed!

In Engrave mode, click on the System Break signpost and then look in Properties > Format > Staff Labels.

If you want to be efficient: in Layout Options set the Abbreviated Names to be shown at the beginning of every flow. Then create a System Break at the beginning of the first flow and set the properties to display Full Names.

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@Michel_Edward I have the feeling I just gave all the information on the FB group… Please link posts when you double-post like that, so that we don’t answer to already answered questions…