Abbreviated tempo marks in one part only

Hi all,
When doing this in one of the part layouts:

…the tempo mark is abbreviated for all parts and the score after completing step 4.
So if I want to change only the part, I now have to set local properties globally, then do step 5, then set local properties locally, then do nr 6.

Is this the correct way? Following the procedure instruction it seems as if nothing will abbreviated until step 5-6 is done, but apparently it does not work like that.


Having tried this and succeeded, I think the interface is confusing. Notice there is both an Abbreviation field and below that another Abbreviate switch with a checkbox. Both of these are referred to in the instructions.

The idea is to fill in both the long and short forms in the fields, and turn on the “Abbreviate” switch, but then for the score leave the “Abbreviate” checkbox unchecked, and check it only for the part layout. And of course this requires “Set local properties” at the top-right of the panel to be set to “Locally”.


Right, that’s how it works, thanks for confirming. So the missing part in the documentation is to tell the user that the abbreviation will be used for all layouts when it has been typed in. And after that, one can select where to use/not use the abbreviation.
However, in my “normal” use case, finding a part layout in need for an abbreviation, it would be better to be able to type in the abbreviation, then activating it for that layout only. But I guess it is like it is by design, I just don’t see why.