abbreviated triplets possible?

I am trying to replicate this triplet notation:

So far I have managed these two variants, both of whom do not look like my source:

Is there a way - besides adding the 3s one by one with shift-x?

2 possibilities.png

There’s no built-in support for this variation on the tremolo notation at the moment, no, though adding support for this convention is on our backlog for a future version.

Thanks Daniel, for now this will do:

for now.png

FWIW the original uses incorrect notation.

Three eighth notes = one dotted quarter. One quarter = two eighth notes.

So Dorico’s version is correct. That being said, you could fake it by entering the tuplet number as a text expression, but it would not play back correctly.

Of course the original uses „incorrect“ notation. But for the player there is no doubt at all, what to play. And as a player I actually like this way of notation.

I also would really not like the dots. I’ve never seen this shorthand with dots.