Ability to add FX Chain Presets at point of insert #, rather than only for the entire channel (ie Add chain at ins.5)

I would like to insert an ‘FX Chain’ starting at any insert of choice, so for example, adding a 3 plugin insert chain starting at Insert #5.


If the chain exceeds the number of available slots, user is given a warning window “FX Chain exceeds number of available insert slots, load anyway? Plug-ins to be excluded”

It would also be great to have an option to amend over existing plugins as well.

that would be a “pretty ok” improvement. What would be really good is if they let us combine those effects so that they take only 1 insert effect slot, like in Ableton fx rack or Cakewalk https://youtu.be/HEpWiqTWMtQ?t=76

+1. This would mean Cubase sporting pretty much unlimited inserts in essence.

doesn’t have to, but it would be better if it did