Ability to address the different insert and send-effect types in the Project Logical Editor

Please provide a way in PLE and key command editor to address the different insert and send-effect types available on various track types.

When looking at the inspector Tab of different track types you will notice the following.

Audio+Effect+Group channels have : Insert-effects and send-effect

Sampler Track + Instrument Track have : Audio-Insert-effects and MIDI-insert-effects as well as Audio-send-effects

MIDI Channels have : MIDI-insert-effects and MIDI-send effects.

So far so good until you need to address either the Audio or MIDI portion of the inserts or sends on an instrument or sampler Track using PLE or a key command.

Using an instrument track as an example I might want to do one of the following:

  • Turn off all Inserts and sends regardless if MIDI or audio (this is possible)
  • Turn off only Audio Inserts or sends on that same track (not possible)
  • Turn off only MIDI Inserts or sends on that same track (not possible now)

The way the available commands are set up now, you are only able to address all MIDI and AUDIO insert and/or sends at the same time.

An additional filter in PLE and separate inspector key commands for each insert or send type would enable all above mentioned scenarios and improve workflow in my opinion.

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  1. Fix the Selected Track functions do not work on MIDI Tracks
  2. Provide a way to tag tracks without putting the tag in the name of the track.
  3. Parameters in PLEs.

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