ability to assign a pre-master group by default

I would like (for a long time) the ability to assign a pre-master group by default, which is constantly sent to the master channel.
It would be more convenient to assemble the project:
For example, while we are working with the instrumental - everything goes to the pre-instrumental channel “instrumental”, after we start adding vocals and backing vocals - they (it is important that it is by default) will be sent to the pre-master channel “vox”. Need the opportunity to get assigned by default, instead of the master channel group!
Then the first thing I will do at the beginning of work is to create groups, to do them periodically “by default” in order to quickly assemble the root, immediately, and not later.
And now - whatever channel is created - I need to switch it from the “directed to stereo out” state to the one I need.
And in a new way - the newly created channel would be immediately created directed to the desired group.
At least such an enable / disable feature would be useful as it speeds up the workflow.

or better still, be able to send a track instrument or audio track to a group while creating it. A drop-down list of existing groups. And if such a group does not exist yet - from the same track creation window - create a group to which it will be sent after creation!
All in one window: and create an audio track in the same window - send it to the selected group (or immediately create and direct it to it)
We rarely just create a track and leave it directed to the master out. Most likely, it should be directed to some group.