Ability to backup all USER presets in folder of your choice

It would be handy to be able to save ALL user presets (which are located god-knows-where…) in a specific user-specified folder. For example before a disk backup (ghost, image disk, you name it).

Your presets are stored in " C:\Users(your username)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64\Presets".
But it would be nice to store/recall them from anywhere we want.

No, they’re not. Try saving a fx preset in the mix console, then search for it with the path you specified and its not there. It’s in :
C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Steinberg\FX Chain Presets

but if you save a synth + fx + some track tweaks, it’s in :
C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Track Presets\Instrument

This is very confusing when backing up a project or ghosting a whole disk and should have a backup folder to avoid problems, imo.


Some of my soft synths have a menu option to open the preset folder location as well which makes it easy to manage presets.

Bump for a very (imo) annoying behavior. At least let the user choose its presets location when saving, so we can manualy backup ALL presets at once.

Ok, what is for me an essential thing do not seem to inspire much interest, so i suppose i’m missing something important about user presets management. Can somebody enlighten me ? When creating a preset (track, instrument, etc) for a specific song, how do you manage to be sure your preset will be here after the next ghost/windows update ? Long story short : is there in cubase a functionnality that ensure you that all of your presets are saved with your project, or a backup functionnality ?

I’ve groused about file management in Cubase since… oh… 2003.

Since each VST can control its own folder for saving files and presets can be stored in different places depending on function it’s pretty much impossible to reliably back up your ‘Cubase data’.

The only current solution is to image your entire system and say 2 Hail Marys and 3 Our Fathers.

Migrating between systems has -never- gone smoothly for me.

Wanted to invest in building a nice custom plugin tree with the new plugin manager. Where would that file be for backup?