ability to collapse insert slots in the Inspector

Total waste of screen real estate in the inspector.

Is there the same option for the channel strip to the left in the arrange window? That’s where I could reallllly use it. I have to always scroll because of so many blank inserts.

As far as I understand …there is not unfortunately. Gargantuan waste of screen real estate if you’re only using one or two plugins on some channels.

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I’m referring to the inspector. To have all those slots using up vertical screen real estate even when a track may only have one or two plugins is wasteful.

I’d love this update. Ditto for sends.
Please and thanks Steinberg!

Obviously having the extra slots is a bonus. Not my critique. It would be beneficial for the inspector to behave like the main mix console and have the option to only show the slots that you’re currently using.

Yeah totally. It should auto-expand like the MixConsole.

Then it’s Feature Request, and you should post it to the Feature Request thread, please.