Ability to drag sends vertically to other slots

This has been a request back in Nuendo 9. Still an issue.

You can organize all your inserts by dragging them to a different slot. You can’t drag sends to a different slot on the same trackbecause the drag of the mouse is captured by the send level slider.

If you try to organize your sends by destination across multiple tracks, sometimes you just have to move one up or down so it matches neighboring tracks. Right now the send has to be copied, pasted in the new location and the old deleted.

I get the benefit of drag changing the send level, but maybe that could be limited to a smaller area of the send, leaving room in the header (between the post/pre toggle and the destination drop down to drag it to another slot.

Much appreciated.

Agree, see no reason of now having this as a feature, except that it would require a handle or something since dragging is also the amount that is sent.

Sends should also take up one vertical space. Why is it necessary to have Empire State Building in the mixer (which is what the send rack will become when having multiple sends) just for visual aid?

And automation.


That is no different from how insert effects are handled.

I hardly dare to say that, but ProTools has defined the gold-standard in this specific question years ago: Yes, drag-copying a “send” to another channel will also copy the automation.

You could also control this behaviour with a modifier, for example.