Ability to easily convert inbuilt metronome to audio track

i find it much more convienient to have the click/metronome as an audio track
I currently have to route the click to an output and record it, chop it, then repeat…

now i realise i could create a midi track, and use a drum vsti … but its just more hassle.
i’d like if possible a “generate 1 bar audio click” which takes the tempo from and generates a 1 bar audio click on a new mono audio channel named “clicktrack”
if the track has a tempo map then something else would need to be done…

for me having it as an audio track has benefits…

  • easier to set the exact level using the mixer (rather than needing to go into transport/metronome setup, then adjust 2 sliders hi/lo)
    easy to set exact start & end points (so that no bleed of click through headphones at the end of a take)
    easy to fade for quieter sections (again to save bleed)
    easy to include in a mixdown for drummer to rehearse etc.

just seen this in studio one, and is very simple & elegant
render the click to region or whole song

Did they add this to Cubase 9.5? I bought it for the updated metronome but I’m not seeing how to offline bounce a metronome click.

Hi I don’t think so!
(My main reason for updating to 9.5 is the promised full console 1 integration) so glad Steinberg have acknowledged it!
About the metronome I don’t see any render options which is a shame. But there are workarounds (loopback recording etc)

just found that steinberg have added it! you can now choose to render to locators!

brilliant! thankyou steinberg :slight_smile:

How do you do this? I couldn’t find it.

See 6min 20 of https://youtu.be/673VCqVHY9Y