Ability to import sections of an audio clip from Mediabay

Ability to import selections of an audio clip from Mediabay

At the moment, if you want to import audio via the Mediabay, you have to import an entire audio clip even if you only need a small part of it. For example, if you have a 30 minute recording of a cello, you have to import the whole clip and then edit, etc in the project. Or if you’re a sound designer and have an audio clip with 20 gun shots, you have to import the whole clip, instead of just highlighting / selection the one you want and importing only that one gun shot.

Since their is already a visual waveform display, perhaps this feature could be set up to use a range tool of some sort - drag and highlight the section of the clip you want, and then drag / import just that highlighted section.

This would improve work flow a lot - as you’d be importing only exactly what content you need…already trimmed (roughly anyway), and would cut down on used hard drive space. This also makes sifting through clips in the pool easier, as you’d have less giant clips with content you don’t need (i.e. those other 19 gun shots).

If this feature could be added to the Mediabay import, it would also be beneficial to have in the general file import & pool import windows.

Hope that makes sense!

EDIT: As a note, this feature is (or was) available when importing from CDs back in the day. I remember being able to adjust an in / out slider on a track and it would only import between those sliders.

this is possible in Nuendo (!) since years. Love this Feature!

so: +1 !

+1 It would be so useful!

yUp just for neundo users https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gykrY2QTPM

Definitely a very important function.


+1 This should be available for Cubase users as well!
This is not a feature used only for TV or film production.
Music composers use more and more audio clips in their music and this would greatly enhance the workflow and reduce projects sizes.