Ability to listen to the track when track monitoring is enabled

The last time I checked,

Cubase does not allow listening to the audio track when track ‘monitor’ is enabled. So, I have to go back and forth to record and listen to the same track so many times. Although there are preferences to partially solve this cumbersome behaviour, there remains a problem when I want to record later material on the same track from the previous bar fro example. As soon as I hit record, I can not hear the previously recorded material.

So, the ability to listen to the recorded track while track monitoring is enabled would be very much appreciated for the next update.

In what situation would that be helpful to you?

I’d be ok with that as an option, but I prefer almost always to not hear the previously recorded audio. For example in cycle mode I only want to hear the current take.

If I want to hear what’s previously recorded, I just make sure I rehired on a new track.

just add another audio track with same input and enable monitor there,and record enable on the original track where it should be recorded.
that way you always monitor your input

What if I am not in cycle mode? And a new track means I have to route, eq, compress, send etc again unless I clone the previous track. Speaking of which, do you know how to clone or exactly duplicate a track with everything included in the original track?

However, even if it is possible, why do that if this feature comes to Cubase as an option?

Thank you for at least some sort of solution. I will have to practice that from now until maybe one-day Cubase brings this feature.