Ability to move divided-back-to-unis objects independently


When using the amazing divisi feature and merging the section back to unis. resulting in the same music appearing on two staves while being linked together, moving musical objects in one staff in Engrave mode is being reflected on the other staff, which is not always beneficial. Is there a way to circumvent this that I am not yet aware of, or is it worth considering to add this feature in a not too distant future?

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No, there’s no way to circumvent that, because the unison music really is genuinely unison. You will need to move the “real” unison to the position after which you want to adjust the position of items.

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Sorry for potentially being dumb, but by the “real” unison, are you referring to the unison restoration point? And do you mean that I would have to move this to a later rhythmic position and fake a unison restoration by copying and pasting the music of the upper staff to the lower staff in order to be able to move the objects independently?

Yes, precisely. Sorry for not being more explicit.

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