Ability to move popovers?

How difficult would it be to allow the user to relocate the popovers to avoid them hiding the notes?

eg. When I am entering a figured bass it is unhelpful that the popover obscures the very notes that I’m trying to figure!

(Only a vertical shift would be needed so the rhythmic position is retained.)


We don’t have any current plans for this, but you’re certainly not the first user to make this request, and it’s something we think about from time to time.

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Making them transparent has been requested, I think, which would certainly help.


It’s also not clear when entering lyrics sometimes. If you have a dense run of 16ths you better remember how many times you pressed the space bar otherwise you’re out of luck, lol.


Maybe a “flip” command like Ctrl-Alt–Shift-one-hand-behind-back-F could flip the popover to the other side of the stave, lyrics, etc.

For me the transparency option would work though – maybe an adjustable opacity option.