Ability to NOT show the faders/meterbridges in MixConsoles

I run a multi-monitor setup with Cubase 9 Pro set up as follows:

Monitor 1: Project window/main Cubase window. - Works perfect . No change needed here.

Monitor 2: MixConsole1 - Used as a fader control with meterbridge. Works perfect. No change needed here.

Monitor 3: MixConsole 2 - Used for Channel Strips - routing, inserts, channel strip, EQ, Sends. I DO NOT need to waste 25% of this screen showing another totally unnecessary set of faders and meterbridge which are never used, but I can’t hide them.

Monitor 4: MixConsole 3 - Used for routing, pre-filters, gain, phase, direct routing, and another big waste of space showing yet another set of faders and meterbridge I never need to use.

So the request is to allow the optional user control of hiding of fader controls and meterbridge from MixConsole1/2/3 to free up work area to show other things. One fader set is usually enough for any project.

It should also be an option to show/hide the Mute/Solo/Listen/Edit/R/W/Monitor/Record controls in MixConsole1/2/3 to further free up work area.

These things should be independently shown/hidden in each of MixConsole1/2/3 windows to allow the user to declutter the interface and make best use of their monitors as needed for each specific project.

I see this as a natural extension of the existing excellent Racks configuration facility in these windows.

As an important enhancement to this, consider the option of a user hide/show of a mini meterbridge across each channel in MixConsole1/2/3 where the full fader/meterbridges are not shown. This will serve as a valuable indicator of activity on each channel without losing valuable vertical real estate.

With these changes, Cubase will be more productive, efficient and waste much less monitor space on a multi monitor system.

Thanks for listening,






And this ought to be a easy to implement feature as it already exists for the Nuage mix console GUIs.