Ability to offload some processing to the GPU

When the user has a supported GPU allow processing to use the GPU as well as the CPU. A lot of people have powerful GPU’s and it would solve a lot of playback issues caused by CPU bottlenecks on more complex projects.

There is a company that has started working on this at the moment.

They are called ‘GPU Audio’ and I think they have some plugins out for public testing right now,

Yeah, there is an Interview from NAMM 2022 with their representative. Seems kinda groundbreaking if it stands to the claims. Would be awesome if it’ll be supported by Cubase on a low level, to squeze maximum from a performance standpoint.

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You mean Regress back to UAD V1 ?

Hey, could you elaborate why do you think so?

I mean, every computer nowadays has a videochip, even the CPU-only systems have an integrated graphics that are somewhat powerful. Most of laptops have a dedicated descrete graphics card, that are pretty powerful and are under-utilized in the audio work (accelerating OpenGL plugins interfaces at most).

A person from GPU Audio in the video says that an entry-level cards for GPU audio are Nvidia 9xx-10xx series. Heck, my 4 years old Zenbook Pro has GTX 1050 card. I bet a dedicated card of that level for a desktop is dirt cheap now.

So, if you can expand your plugin count for a little-to-no additional cost, how does this count as a regress?

I think it was meant to be a joke, because the UADv1 used some kind of graphic accelerator as its processor… not in any way comparable to modern GPUs of course.