Ability to perform commands and macros as callbacks

One of my favorite things about Cubase is that it offers a great level of custom functionality via its vast library of commands and macros. These features allow users to create their own workflows to a great degree; however, this is provided the user is very active in participating in that workflow. Users can command Cubase to perform a rehearsed series of actions; but they cannot meaningfully participate in Cubase’s event ecosystem.

The greatest feature I think that would empower users even more is to allow users to call commands and macros as callbacks of Cubase events.

For example, a given user could determine that each time a MIDI event is opened, they would like to execute the event’s “Show Used Controllers” command to make the relevant CC data visible. If the user wants to be doing this currently, they must execute this command manually each and every time.

In this particular user’s workflow, a substantial cognitive debt is now present. As powerful as Cubase currently is, the user experience at the moment is that of constantly managing these debts, and struggling to maintain a sense of musicality in spite of them.

I don’t think there’s any single other possible feature to offer in future versions of Cubase that would give users this level of control. It would empower users to use Cubase more idiosyncratically, and to solve their own personal workflow issues, essentially drafting them into their own Cubase development team.

This is where Cubase would really become “of the medium” of computers, the way tape recorders and pen & paper are “of” their own respective media. A tape recorder, while less powerful, still provides a more streamlined user experience than any DAW in 2020.

Basically: Imagine a DAW the user could program. It would be a huge quality of life improvement; and most importantly, empower users to create better music.

Thanks for this information. It will help me a lot.