Ability to play audio files in import mode (pool)

I’m a new Nuendo user, cross-graded from Cubase 5

I remember having the ability to audition audio files when browsing the filesystem when using the import function in the pool.

It’s rather annoying not being able to do this anymore, because I don’t want to have to use the search on a top level directory folder just to see all the sounds in the filesystem and play them at will before importing, it takes a while to search. I just want to be able to go to a folder of my choosing and play (or autoplay) those files that I click on. Quickview on Mac’s finder window doesn’t work properly, it’s just a pain in the backside to audition this way.

Why on earth was this feature removed? It makes no sense.

Does anyone else agree with this?

Hmm. I’m on 10.2.10, and I’m definitely able to preview audio when importing from the pool. I’m on Windows 10 is the only difference.

I feel quite dumb but I think I should say this anyway:

On Mac there’s a button which says “options” when you click on it the play controls and attributed box appears in the window. It doesn’t appear automatically. I had no idea you had to click on that options button, it wasn’t obvious to me because I thought it was part of Mac OSXs finder system.

Doh! :confused:

Don’t sweat it. If you missed it, chances are others will too and for those people there is now this thread :slight_smile: