Ability to put Input Transformer at the highest level

To achieve multi-articulation control in a single instrument track, “to record the performance”.

Instrument track only, using expression map to switch midi channel

midi > inst tracks create other problems such as the failure to correctly assign channel when disabling/enabling track, and it doesn’t address real time performance complications.

Side benefit:
Ability to perform correctly in real time.

Existing problem in instrument tracks:

  1. CC data does not transfer to multiple midi channels in real time,

e.g. 1
i) default CC1 on all channels = 0
ii) push CC1 0 > 127 on channel 1
iii) Switch channel to 2 using expression map
iv) result CC1 on channel 2 is still 0

This scenario is only true when performing real time, as in record and playback mode things will be correct, but the recording process was “incorrect”