Ability to save routing & FX Channel settings with Track Presets

I work primarily with project templates - much like a lot of composers / producers. This means FX Channel setups and routing setups (groups, etc.) remain constant from project to project.

I also use Track Presets extensively - setting up certain instrument track / midi track combinations so that I can bring them from project to project easily. I do this to avoid having massive templates with 500 disabled midi / instrument tracks. I prefer to have, for example, my Kontakt multis along with assigned midi tracks saved as a “preset” and just drag individual instrument setups (from Mediabay) into the project as needed. It works awesome - but I have to constantly re-route instruments to the right group channel, and re-setup my FX send levels each time. At the moment Track Presets retain midi-channel routing, insert / eq /strip / vst expression / track names / volume / pan info.

However - when saving Track Presets, there is no option to save the Routing and Fx Channels configurations. I understand that this is probably because importing a track preset into a project that doesn’t have the same groups or FX channel setups would mean those routing settings would be incompatible.

However - it would be nice to have this as an option when saving track presets. There are quite a few composers I’ve spoken with the last week who like this Track Presets option (as an alternative to giant disabled track templates) but won’t use this option since routing is discarded when saving. Perhaps a clickable choice that says “Save FX Send settings and output routing with preset” would be a nice addition.

I understand there is the Track Archive option - but this is annoying, as every time you import you’re setup you have to go through the popup dialogue to select what you want / don’t want imported. Also - the XML files won’t display in Mediabay anyway, so it’s pointless for a quick drag / drop solution when working quickly. At the moment Track Presets work perfectly EXCEPT for not recalling routing / FX send setups.

I can explain further if this doesn’t make much sense. I assume this would be beneficial not just for composers working with project templates - but would be beneficial for people creating complex Kontakt 16 Out setups for drums, etc. with specific routing setups, who want to save / recall that setup easily.