Ability to select multiple tracks and put them into a Group with 1 click from main arranger screen

It would be nice to have an option to grab multiple tracks from the main arranger screen and with 1 click have them goto a named group.

See: Logic X Track Stack (summing stack)


You can do this now by right-clicking in the MixConsole, but not in the Project window.

I think a better solution is to always have the same functions for tracks available in both the MixConsole & Project windows. Right now you can only do what you want in the MixConsole but if you wanted to change the order of Tracks that is only possible in the Project Window. These (and many other tasks) should be possible in both.

You can do it with a hotkey in Key Commands though.
Or create a macro.

Yes exactly. I know you can do it in mixconsole but I’m saying if they could just do it in project window that would be great. Now that they have the Panes really starting to not use the other standalone screens as much for quick work.