Ability to view channel strip presets that are currently in use on a track in Cubase 11

I had mentioned the following topic a few weeks ago when I encountered a problem while using Cubase 11 and I thought that it would really help users who like to take advantage of the channel strip presets.

I have been using some of the Cubase 11 channel strip presets for some of my tracks but I can’t seem to remember what some of those presets originally were as far as what they were named in the preset window. My problem is that I wanted to know what my current chosen presets were. I did not know how to view the current channel strip presets for each track because all I can see is the drop-down menu to browse desired future presets but not the ones that are currently saved and in use for those particular tracks. I was able to save those presets and create my own name for them, but again, I did not know what they were originally named. Then I received a response from an inquiry about this from a tech support that read:

“ After checking with a senior staff member, in particular the channel strip presets don’t show you the preset after they are chosen. It may be a good feature request unless they had a specific reason for not including this.”

For example, as you can see from the picture below, the window does not display the setting that I am using on the Distorted Rhythm Guitar, only the setting that I used previously for my kick drum. The “AM kick drum 7 attack country” is definitely not the preset that is currently being used for that track. I already posted this on the Cubase forum and received the same response. I checked the knowledge base and I looked in the manual but could find nothing on this. It seems like it would be a very useful feature to add in. I hope that others will agree with me.